Label types

There are many types of labels on the market, which can be divided into three categories: 

  • Roll labels 
  • Multi-column label (aka 2-up / side-by-side label) 
  • Sheet labels

To use our app effectively, understand its different label types. Next, we'll clarify these types of labels.

Roll labels

Roll labels refer to a type of label presentation where labels are produced in a roll or spool format. These labels are typically printed on a continuous roll of material.

Multi-column label

A multi-column label, also referred to as 2-up labels or side-by-side labels, is a label design that incorporates several columns of information or content. Instead of a single-column layout, a multi-column label divides the label space into two or more columns.

Sheet labels

Sheet labels are labels printed or made on separate sheets, not on continuous spools. They're typically organized in a grid on standard-sized paper.

Roll label
Multi-column label
Sheet label

What's next

Every label design in the app is like a template. We can use it to input your store's information dynamically. Please learn how to design your label sample through the following tutorial.

Create a template for roll label 

Create a template for multi-column label ( aka 2-up / side-by-side label ) 

Create a template for sheet label