This article outlines the need for these permissions and the permission issue associated with upgrading.

Why I see this notification

Users upgrading from v2 to v3 may encounter issues with accessing order data due to lack of permission for read_customers. If you see this reminder, it means you're missing the read_customers permission. Additionally, if you continue to downgrade to version 2, you'll keep seeing this reminder. Please refrain from downgrading after upgrading to v3.

Permission Required

The images below illustrate the necessary permissions.

Order and customer data

To get order data from your store, we require permission to access customer data because customer data is part of order data, so it is a must-have permission.

Device and operating system

This permission is under customer permission, and it is determined by Shopify API. In other words, we can't decide whether we want this permission or not. Once we ask for customer data, then it is included.


We can switch locations and access the inventory from the current location, making this a necessary permission for using the app. This app operates as a straightforward system, with no data storage; it solely retrieves data and generates PDFs for your printing needs.

Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns; we're here to assist you.