You may come across errors like the ones shown in the image below when creating labels. Please find the appropriate title for more details.

Errors may look like one of these:

  • EAN13 must be 12 or 13 digits
  • UPC-E must have number system 0 or 1
  • Incorrect EAN-8 check digit provided
  • ISBN-13 must be 15 or 17 characters including dashes. ISBN-10 must be 11 or 13 characters including dashes
  • AIs must start with '('


These errors occur because the barcode values need to follow the barcode format requirements. We recommend using the Online Barcode Generator to check the accuracy of your barcode values.
The barcodes we create contain random numbers and are not EAN-13 codes. So, when you use the barcode values from our assign feature, please choose CODE-128 as your barcode format.