We do not provide registered GS1 barcode values. However, we can print 
them in GS1 format for you.

Each barcode is generated from a numerical value. Put differently, if you possess the GS1/EAN-13 barcode value, we can produce the corresponding barcode image in the GS1/EAN-13 format.

To get GS1 barcodes

If you need GS1 barcodes, we highly recommend using GS1's officially authorized barcode values. You can find additional details on GS1.org. 

Other Important Notes

  • The generated barcode values don't have leading zeros. You can use these generated values with confidence, but please avoid using them on platforms like Amazon, Google, or other third-party platforms. 
  • Our barcode values are solely intended for internal inventory management or checkout purposes. Please refrain from using them on platforms such as Amazon, Google Shopping, or eBay.

Solutions for Amazon and Google Shopping

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  2. Google Shopping - Ignore product identifier.