Two potential issues may arise when printing:

  1. The sheet labels' printing results may be mispositioned.
  2. Despite setting eight rows, the result displays only seven rows.

These problems can be attributed to two primary causes:

  • Inaccurate margins in the sheet label settings.
  • Inappropriate printer configuration.
Due to different printers having slightly different margin settings, 
even if you have set the correct paper margins, it may still result in incorrect
printing positions. Therefore, you will need to make minor adjustments to your 
template margins. Below, we've listed various scenarios along with potential solutions.

The printing result is not aligned well

Eight rows are set, but only seven rows


Here are troubleshooting steps to address the misalignment issue with sheet labels:

  1. Verify Margin Settings: Double-check the margin settings and ensure the label width and height are accurate.
  2. Use Millimeters for Precision: Consider switching from inches to millimeters for more precise measurements by changing the label unit.
  3. Fine-tune Margins: Make minor margin adjustments, shifting them slightly (±0.25mm) for improved alignment. For instance, if the top margin is 22mm, try 21.75mm or 22.25mm.
  4. Adjust Scale Option: Explore the Scale option within the printer dialog. Try selecting "fit to paper" or "100%" as shown in the image below to enhance alignment.

The orientation of roll labels is incorrect


Frequently, this problem occurs when the appropriate paper option is not selected in the print dialog. Make sure to choose a size that matches the template and paper size in the printer dialog. Please refer to the instructions for printing a roll label for guidance on addressing this issue.