In the Printer Configuration section, we emphasized the importance of selecting a matching size for your template when printing. Nevertheless, your printer dialog might not offer suitable options. In such cases, there are two actions we can take:

  1. Install the printer driver correctly.
  2. Adjust the paper size within the printer dialog.

Installing the printer driver correctly

If you're using printers like Zebra/DYMO and the drivers are properly installed, you should typically find corresponding paper options in your printer dialog. If they still don't appear, please reach out to the printer's support center for additional assistance.

In most cases, resolving such problems can be achieved by removing the printer from your operating system, reinstalling the printer drivers, and then restarting your system.

Add more paper size in the printer dialog

For Windows, since each OS version has its own configuration method, please refer to this guide for more details.

For Mac, follow the instructions below to customize your paper size options.