We use technology to combine label elements into a visual design, allowing for extensive customization of label templates using our image composition technology. As a result, a higher dpi (dots per inch) is needed for printing. Although the app is compatible with most printers, it's important to check the printer's dpi when using it. In many cases, you can improve performance by installing an updated printer driver or adjusting the printer settings.

Minimal requirements

  1. The printer dpi must be at least 300 dpi. 
  2. The printer must be capable of supporting PDF printing. 

Any printer with a resolution of less than 300 dpi will generate blurry labels, particularly when printing barcode images, logos, or QR codes.

Known printers under 300 dpi

  • Zebra printers that were discontinued include Zebra GK420d/ZD-series/LP-series. 
  • Rollo Wired Printer ( Please upgrade to its latest driver. It should work with its latest official driver version) 
  • Xprinter XP-370B & XP-370BM


For Windows

  • Seagull Corps offers an improved printer driver to address the problem of blurriness.
  • Consider installing the Seagull printer driver (you might also want to watch a YouTube video about it).
  • Once you've installed the Seagull printer driver, disable the Dithering option.

For Mac

A printer driver is crucial for enhancing blurry labels, and very few other providers offer drivers for these discontinued printers. Only this company has developed an effective Mac driver to improve fuzzy labels. This is a paid solution, and you can test their demo before making a decision.

To improve printing on a Mac using a Zebra ZD410 printer, you can follow these steps. You can enhance printing quality by installing alternative printer drivers that have the same dpi setting. For example, if you have a Zebra ZD410 printer, you can also use the driver from the Zebra ZSB series. More details here.

Steps after installing

  1. Go to System Preferences and click Printers & Scanners. 
  2. Click the add icon.

  3. Select the printer you want to use and select driver software for it.
  4. Let's use Zebra ZSB Series 203 dpi as a printer driver.

  5. Click Ok.

The printing results

Now, you should be able to easily print clear labels using the ZD410 label printer. This same method can be applied to various other printers. However, it's worth noting that this is still a somewhat unconventional approach and may not be compatible with older printer models.

Why is the official label software always clear even 203 dpi

The manufacturer's official label editor can easily create clear labels by incorporating their own printing commands or scripts. We serve as a third-party plugin and must be compatible with various printers. Therefore, using manufacturer commands or scripts to build the application is not the best option for us. 

So, in order to avoid being like traditional label software that can only be compatible with their own printers, we use a combination of images to be compatible with most types of printers. Since its principle is image printing, we require a higher dpi.