If your products lack barcode or SKU numbers, you can utilize this feature to assign them values. Certain matters necessitate special attention; kindly check the below.

Some users may want to use these values for Amazon or Google Shopping, 
but these values can only be used for the checkout process 
and inventory management. 

Those platforms require valid GS1 values, not randomly generated numbers. 
When using the values generated by our app, please select CODE128 as the barcode
format. Random numbers do not comply with GS1 standards, even though 
their length is the same.

On the product labels page, you'll find a button labeled "Assign Barcodes & SKUs," as shown in the image below:

Our app can assign values to the SKU or BARCODE data fields according to your specific needs. These values can be either a 13-digit or an 8-digit random number, as shown in the image below.

Please set option to Barcode if you are using Shopify POS. 
Since Shopify POS only scans the BARCODE data field, if your barcode is generated 
from other fields like SKU or metafields, it won't add the product 
to the cart in Shopify POS.


  • These values are only used internally and are not the same as EANs, ISBNs, GTINs, or UPCs. 
  • If you want unique numbers, choose 13 digits rather than 8 digits.
8-digit numbers may sometimes repeat, while 13-digit numbers are usually 
unique. Timestamps are used to create these numbers, so the only way to 
get the same 13-digit numbers is by clicking the "generate" button on two 
different PCs at the exact same time.